Weight (kg)
Package Size (unit:mm)

Notice :

1. According to the volume, the minimum chargeable is 0.3 m3; For heavy goods, the minimum is 500 US / ton;The chargeable is based on the volume and weight charges, taking the larger charges.

2. Including the destination tax, such as high customs duties caused by customs inspection, which will be charged at the destination;

3. Special cargo can send electrified goods, food or other special goods,Phones / laptop etc; medical materials, sensitive goods, etc.;For pure batteries, liquids and other contraband cannot be transported consult customer service separately before shipment;

4. OLA only checks the external packaging. It is recommended to strengthen the packaging of fragile products. If they are damaged during transportation, we will not compensate;

5. If the goods are lost or detained by the customs, The compensation shall be no more than twice the freight;

6. The quotation is valid from [Mar 1, 2022], and any change will be announced separately, tks

7.OLA INTERNATIONAL TRADE LIMITED reserve all the right for the final explanation